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National Arts Month is celebrated annually every February nationwide. Most of the events and activities that take place during this month are geared towards showcasing the artistic talent of Filipinos.

As part of this tradition, we invited a local artist, Ms. Bea Policarpio for a fun and friendly painting session last February 25, 2023!

Kings City has always been an inspiring workplace - it instantly stimulates your creative juices! Through this event, the creativity of everyone really showed. It was a wonderful experience and the participants learned a lot from this activity. You can check our event recap through our IG: @kingscityph


Women of Kings City

International Women's Day is a global day celebrating women's social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. Some might say that the purpose of this day is to uphold women's achievements, recognize challenges and focus greater attention on women's rights. Look back with us as we celebrate all the strong, independent women who spent time in Kings City

Kings City acknowledges the outstanding achievements of women today across the globe. This workspace has been curated with women's needs in mind, and with Kings City, every day, women are celebrated. Here is our Founder, Ms. Ma. Camille Makasiar, taking us for a virtual tour of our excellent workspace designed for you.

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