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To keep the business moving steadily during the COVID-19 crisis is quite tricky. This period is a time to galvanize continued existence to stay afloat. Especially that the New Normal is forcing all businesses to adjust to harder situations. Surely, there are things that need to apply for adjustments and reconsiderations.

One of the big questions is, how do we accelerate the careers of people and develop them with the right skills so that their potential is maximized?

There is no better time to engage in forging a partnership with a leader in social enterprise development and education than now with, Bayan Academy.

Kings Manpower Cooperative has just partnered with Bayan Academy to further help aspiring applicants to be ready for a position that will best fit their skills and qualification.

Bayan Academy aims to uplift the lives of Filipino family by being a knowledge resource center for enterprise development.

This partnership will not only help unemployed Filipino citizen find a job but will foster the further development of technology, practices, and techniques of the Cooperative.

And this is how Kings Manpower Cooperative will move the economy one job at time.

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