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Partner with the strongest provider and get the best outcome with no hidden costs.

Offshoring parts of your business can lead to huge savings and free up your time to focus on what’s most important. But when it comes to the value you get from an offshore provider, there’s a lot more to consider than just the price.

Transparent fees, with everything you need

Business is about risk mitigation. Understanding the risks and making an informed decision. So when comparing the value of offshoring providers, you definitely need to consider more than just their quoted costs. Even if two providers charge exactly the same total monthly fees, the value each delivers will vary wildly depending on their location, office fit-out, IT infrastructure and operational capability. There may even be a vast difference in the experience and capabilities of the staff they recruit for you.

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So it pays to compare the details to ensure there are no unforeseen risks. Here are the factors to consider when choosing an offshoring provider:

• Fees & inclusions
• Infrastructure
• Facilities
• Location
• Recruitment process

• Recruitment & HR capability
• Employee engagement
• Control & scalability
• Quality
• Track record & financial stability

Let’s take a look at each of these important features in more detail, so you can evaluate the The Kings City model, and judge for yourself why it pays to partner with the strongest offshoring provider in the Philippines.

Transparency is key

Unlike most offshoring providers, we break our fees into two components:

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Fixed monthly service fee

Your fixed monthly service fee covers:

• World-class facilities and infrastructure
• Fully furnished offices including a computer, monitor,
mouse and keyboard for each workstation
• Support services, including HR, recruitment, finance,
payroll, compensation and benefits
• High-speed internet (with redundant connections from
multiple providers)
• 24/7 on-site IT support
• Client management and team management

With other service providers, you may find that not everything is included in the service fee. And in almost every case, what started out looking like a good deal actually ends up being a ‘from’ price with a shopping list of ‘optional extras’ that quickly add up to the true price.

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By separating salaries from service costs, we make it very easy for you to see you’re getting the best possible talent for your money. You have complete control over salaries and incentives, and the salary component of your monthly fee goes directly to your staff, without any mark-up.

Most service providers don’t do this. Instead, they charge a ‘fixed hourly rate’ that bundles the service fee and the employee’s salary. This pricing model incentivizes the provider to find the cheapest possible labor, in order to maximize their margin. As a result, candidate quality suffers and staff are quick to leave as soon as they’re offered market rate elsewhere.

We pay market rates for the skills you need. This attracts the best candidates, and ensures they feel valued and rewarded for their work. In fact, with The Kings City employee attrition rate is less than half the industry average.

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We’ve invested in state-of-the-art office fit-outs that are regarded as class-A facilities, with everything you’re used to seeing in a modern, big-city office: the latest computers, ergonomic workstation furniture, on-site cafés. Indeed, many of our clients are surprised that their offshore staff are based in offices that surpass their onshore office space!

Take a virtual tour of our state-of-the-art premises. Or better yet, come take a look in person and really get to know us! We’d love to give you a personal tour.

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You’re involved in the recruitment process

No one knows your business like you do, which is why you’re involved in the recruitment process from start to finish. We do the heavy lifting to shortlist candidates with the right skills. Then you choose the strongest talent with the personality and work style that suit your business.

So you get the control and choice you need, without the hassle of sifting through piles of applicants.

• We get to know your company, your onshore business objectives and the objectives of the offshore role(s).

• You provide a detailed job description including qualifications, skills, prior experience, responsibilities, personality traits and work style.

• We analyze the job description and research the role. We provide a transparent cost sheet specific to the Philippines labor market, for you to make an informed commercial decision. (Most of our customers save approximately 70% on salaries when compared with recruiting the same skills and experience onshore.)

• When you’re ready, we make a formal engagement to begin the recruitment process.

• We run a sophisticated, multi-channel recruitment process to advertise and attract the strongest candidates from the pool. This process can include your own custom assessments if you required.

• We interview candidates and create a shortlist of the best talent.

• You interview your favorites to determine who will be the best fit for your business. You’re welcome to conduct multiple rounds of interviews with different stakeholders.

• Once you’ve selected your favorite candidate, we make a formal offer on your behalf and negotiate their start date.

• We complete the candidate’s induction to The Kings City, which includes assigning your new employee a workstation, and introducing them to the facilities and policies.

• Then it’s over to you for company-specific and role -specific training.

This process typically takes about 6-8 weeks. Then you can settle in and get to know your new superstar, knowing that you’ve made the right choice for your business.

Recruitment & HR capability

The Kings City is one the biggest manpower provider in the Philippines. We pioneered it, and we now employ 10000+ people.

So you can rest assured we have the recruitment and HR capability to find and retain the talent you need. Our internal recruitment team boasts more than 40 recruitment specialists (most of our competitors have fewer than 5), and we leverage 5 primary recruitment channels, including our internal pre-screened recruitment database of 200,000+ candidates.

Once your offshore staff are recruited, our Client Implementation Team project manages the setup and establishment of the team and their IT requirements before going live.

And finally, we invest heavily in employee training and engagement programs, to ensure your staff are happy in the workplace, and satisfied (and supported) in their role.

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Employee engagement

The Kings City is one of the Philippines’ premier employers. We employ more than 10,000+ people and we invest heavily in employee engagement and development programs. This means we can attract and retain top talent for your business. In fact, our annual attrition rate is less than half the industry average.

The Filipino people are very social by nature and generally love company parties and events. We have a dedicated employee engagement department that organizes a variety of events throughout the year, including Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, the Olympics (sports), summer outings, and monthly get-togethers. We also have our The Kings Club where employees with similar interests, like photography, music and sports, can come together.

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Our dedicated training team operates the The Kings Manpower training platform, where employees can receive quality online and classroom training in a wide variety of hard and soft skills.

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We have a number of special awards and employee recognition events, where we recognize our employees for exceptional performance.

Grow and evolve
the team with your

Once appointed, your staff are your own and you get to shape them into your ideal team. Just as with your local team, you have complete control over your offshore team’s workload, performance, KPIs and job satisfaction. (Although, naturally, we’ll guide you on these aspects wherever you need it.) You can train your team in your company’s systems, processes, culture and preferences, to bring out their best work.

As your business grows, the offshore model helps you respond quickly to increasing demand and workload, because it enables you to expand your team headcount and infrastructure quickly, and without big up-front investments. We can also help you devise an appropriate management team structure and employee levels to help keep things organized.

Track record
& financial stability

The Kings City has been providing offshoring services since 2009. We are one of the country’s largest and most experienced provider, with over 10,000+ employees in the Philippines.

Please read on for more information about each model.

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