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Southpreneurs Unite! Brand And Business Seminar and networking event

Kings City hosted the Brand and Business Seminar & Networking Event of JCI Las Pinas Waterlily for their JCI Week last April 20, 2022.

JCI Las Pinas Waterlily is a woman-led chapter focused on empowering women by making an impact in the community. JCI week was held last April 17-23, 2022 with the aim to promote the values of JCI and empower the youth to impact the community.

There was a lot to learn from the wonderful speakers at the event with Business Implications of a Brand Strategy, Business Applications of a Brand Strategy, and Personal Branding as their topics.

Kings City is proud to have been a partner and a supporter of this community made of advocacy-driven independent women dedicated to creating positive change through sustainable, long-term projects.

It is such a fulfillment to take part and stand in empowering the youth in order to impact the community.

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